Fujitsu 6130 Scanner Review

When it comes to electronics, Japan is one of the leading countries and with that in mind, it is really no surprise that Fujitsu is headquartered there. Fujitsu is a multinational computer hardware company that also provides various IT solutions. Along with computer hardware, the company also offers a wide array of computer peripherals including scanners. The top rated receipt scanner for 2017 we are going to discuss today is the Fujitsu fi-6130.


For those who do not know what a scanner is we will explain briefly. Essentially it is a device which will permit you to take an image of a document and create a digital copy of it. This can be utilized with contracts, research papers, identification, and virtually any other type of document. Some scanners even come with decent OCR which will ultimately permit you to take text from scanned documents and turn it into plain text which can be used in a standard document. OCR technology is nowhere near perfect but it is evolving a great deal.

The Fujitsu fi-6130 is a great device that is able to scan virtually any document, providing a high-resolution performance encompassing sixty frames per minute ensuring an amazing document reproduction. In addition to that, this is the first workgroup scanner to be equipped with reversing roller technology. This technology provides a great feeding capability regardless of the document weight.

In addition to that, the scanner can feed documents that are up to ten feet long and even embossed cards up to 1.4mm thick. You can also disable double feed detection in the event you need to feed something such as a sticky note or even a taped receipt. Those who work in an office or even run a home business will be quite happy about this feature!

There are very few reported disadvantages related to this particular scanner. For one the software appears to be a bit buggy, sometimes being a deal breaker. It has been reported however that you can apply system updates to even out the problem or call for support if you have trouble. If you find that the installation disc does not work, you can update the driver online. In other words, it’s a great scanner even though the software can be a bit finicky.

That being said it would be a good idea to make sure the software is configured properly because once you have everything set up you will undoubtedly have a great scanning device. If you’re ready to experience the next generation of scanning and OCR, then you’re ready to try out the Fujitsu fi-630! Head over to Fujitsu’s website and see what types of deals they have to offer and to see what else this good scanner can do for you!

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